Week at a Glance: October 11 – 17

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A piece by Andrew Au, now exhibiting at DVAC.

University of Dayton

Jazz Band/Flyer Lab Band
October 13

Dayton Visual Arts Center
Gallery Talk: Andrew Au
October 14

Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra
Mozart’s Eternal Requiem
October 15 & 16

Victoria Theatre Association
Mad Science presents Star Trek Live!
October 16 & 17

Yellow Springs Arts Studio Tour
Artists Studio Tour
October 16 & 17

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
October 16 & 17

Sinclair Community College
Art Department Faculty Exhibit
Runs through October 13

Dayton Visual Arts Center
Future Visions: Artists Looking Forward
Future Structure: Andrew Au & Rainer Lagemann
Runs through October 14

Dayton Playhouse
Die Mommie Die!
Runs through October 17

Mayhem & Mystery Dinner Theatre
Festival Fracas
Runs through October 22

Middletown Arts Center
Annual Area Art Show
Runs through October 23

University of Dayton
Matthew Dayler: Beyond the Village
Runs through October 26

Gallery St. John
Going Green in Dayton
Runs through October 27

University of Dayton
Variations: A James Pete Survey 2006-2010
Runs through October 28

Gallery St. John
Nature View
Runs through November 7

University of Dayton
Mary Mulling: Reminiscing El Greco & Munch (MB Hopkins)
Runs through November 12

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