Who We Are

Culture Works is a nonprofit regional arts agency that provides a unified voice for all the cultural organizations and activities in the Dayton Region and promotes the good news about the amazing cultural vibrancy of our region to a national audience.


What We Do

Culture Works is committed to leading the charge to ensure a healthy environment for arts and culture in this community for generations to come. We galvanize widespread support for arts and culture, while also ensuring that every citizen has the opportunity to experience the Dayton Region as a dynamic and creative place to live, work, play—and stay!


Why We Matter

Our efforts play a vital role in making the Dayton Region more appealing to new residents, tourists, and employers looking for a new home.


Why Support Us

A contribution to Culture Works isn’t just an investment in arts and culture. It’s an investment in the future of our neighborhoods, cities, and region.


Culture Works Programs & Initiatives

•   Conduct an annual Campaign for the Arts to provide grants for Dayton Region arts organizations
•   Serve as a community clearinghouse for cultural information
•   Advocate locally, regionally, and nationally for arts and culture
•   Market the totality of the cultural community to a national constituency
•   Represent the cultural sector and its value in discussions regarding economic development, education, and the revitalization of neighborhoods
•   Support audience development
•   Provide leadership in convening cultural organizations to address important community issues
•   Facilitate collaborative efforts relating to arts and culture including community cultural planning