LexisNexis Workplace Giving Kick Off

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LexisNexis_logoLexisNexis, our largest single Workplace Giving site, kicked off their Campaign for the Arts on May 20. As always, it was planned and executed beautifully! Puzzle of Light performed in the LexisNexis auditorium to start things off, and there were daily events to engage the employees and remind them to donate – ranging from karaoke, an online auction of over 150 donated items, an outstanding wine tasting event at Dorothy Lane Market, and a visit from AJ Hawk of the Green Bay Packers. The puppets from Avenue Q, opening shortly at the Human Race Theatre, also made an appearance in the LexisNexis cafeteria. Our thanks to Larry Forman, Pam Rath, and their amazing committees for all their hard work last week.

20130520-LexNex-Banner-at-Entry Michael Bashaw of Puzzle of Light

Avenue Q puppets with LexisNexis committee members

Avenue Q puppets with LexisNexis committee members

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