Economic Impact Research To Be Presented at Culture Works Campaign Launch

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Culture Works Color LogoCulture Works will launch its 40th Anniversary Year with a special community gathering, November 14th at 3 pm in the Loft Theatre, at 126 North Main Street. The event will feature the release of an economic impact study undertaken as the first phase of a regional cultural planning process, and a discussion of the next steps in the process.

“This is a wonderful way to kick-off our 40th Anniversary Year,” said Culture Works Board Chair, Amber Best. “Our theme for the year is ‘Honoring A Visionary Past…Celebrating an Innovative Future’ and the cultural plan we are coordinating will be looking at steps that we can take now, to ensure that the outstanding arts and cultural assets of our community will be here for the next generation. We are also pleased to release some revealing research that Culture Works has commissioned regarding the economic impact of the nonprofit arts and cultural sector to our community.”

Richard Stock, Director of the Business Research Group of the University of Dayton, and Jane Dockery, Associate Director for Urban and Public Affairs, worked collaboratively with Culture Works to complete the Economic Impact Study, and will be available to answer questions regarding how the data was gathered.

Marc Goldring, of WolfBrown in Boston, a recognized national expert in the field of cultural planning with 30 years of experience, will also be in attendance to discuss the results of the Economic Impact study in light of national trends and benchmarks. Goldring will also share insights from other community’s experiences in the cultural planning process and discuss specific strategies that the Dayton Region may wish to consider in undertaking its planning process to insure the broadest inclusion of community voices.

“As we move forward in this community cultural planning initiative, Culture Works is pleased to have both local and national leadership in guiding this process,” said Culture Works President & CEO, Martine Meredith Collier. “We are very grateful to Morris Home Furnishings and the Miller-Valentine Group for providing the funding to complete the economic impact study, which underscores the importance of our cultural sector and the need for planning for its future.

Collier indicated that additional funding has been secured for the cultural planning process from the Dayton Foundation and the PNC Foundation, with other funding pending.

“It’s important to keep in mind that for a broad-based planning process of this kind to be successful, it must align arts and culture with community priorities. That means involvement by the entire community,” said Collier, “not just arts organizations and artists, but also the business community, the education community, and concerned citizens. We hope that everyone interested in the future of arts and culture for our community will attend this important event on November 14th.


Author: Culture Works