Culture Works Unveils New Mission Statement

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 Culture Works, the arts funding and service agency for the Dayton region, recently unveiled a new mission statement, designed to more clearly reflect the scope of the services the organization provides and the geographic area it serves. 

According to this new mission statement, “Culture Works is the funding, advocacy, and service organization that passionately inspires, supports, and sustains arts and culture in the Dayton Region.”

The Awareness Committee of the Culture Works Board of Trustees, chaired by Vice-Chair Amber Best, spent much of 2010 and 2011 developing a brand platform to better articulate the multiple roles that the organization plays in providing service to the community.  

“For many in the Dayton region, Culture Works is most recognized for the role it plays in the community through the Campaign for the Arts program,” said Amber Best.  “However, the organization provides many other less recognized services to the cultural community including advocacy, marketing, and much more. The brand platform emphasized the specific areas in which Culture Works inspires, supports, and sustains this vibrant region.  The logical next step was to make sure that the language of the mission statement aligned with the brand platform and the messages we share about Culture Works.” 

At the most recent Board meeting in September, Trustees voted unanimously to accept the recommendation and new mission statement. 

“I am so impressed by the work done by this committee long before I arrived in the Dayton community,” said Culture Works President & CEO, Martine Meredith Collier.  “I embrace this new and more expanded mission statement on many levels and thank Amber and her committee for their great and visionary work on behalf of Culture Works.”

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