Community Arts Development Grants



Community Arts Development Grant eligibility is restricted to nonprofit, 501(c)(3) arts/cultural organizations. The organizational annual budget must not be less than $100,000 and not more than $499,999. (Note: The annual organizational budget figure is the organization’s revenues for the most recently completed fiscal year per Part 1, Line 12, of the Form 990.) The organization must complete a Cultural Data Project profile and have a standing of “review complete” prior to the application deadline. Organizations must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and provide audited financial statements or financial statements reviewed by a CPA.


Minimum Eligibility Criteria:
  • Maintained an annual organizational budget figure of $100,000 or above for three consecutive years
  • An independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to create, produce, present, or provide arts or cultural experiences for the public
  • Offices are located in, and a majority of program activities take place within the eight-county Dayton Region served by Culture Works
  • Incorporated in the State of Ohio with an operating history of a minimum of three years
  • Licensed to solicit funds in the State of Ohio
  • At least one part-time salaried administration or artistic staff member
  • Board of Directors that meets at least four times per year, with members that are representative of the community’s social, economic, and racial diversity
  • Annual Independent Audit performed by a recognized accounting firm including a management letter OR a financial review certified by a CPA
  • Active for a minimum of two years immediately preceding the application year in supporting the Culture Works Annual Campaign for the Arts in multiple ways to include:
    • Passport to the Arts Participation
    • Performance Vouchers for Annual Campaign support
    • Financial support of the Annual Campaign by the board (at least 85%)
    • Financial support of the Annual Campaign by staff leadership
    • Other support (facility use, performances at workplace giving sites, etc.)
  • For previously funded organizations, evidence of adherence to prior year’s grant agreement and crediting policies.
Note: Community Arts Development grants can be utilized for program expenses but cannot be utilized for the following:
  • Programs or projects not available to the general public
  • Re-granting activities
  • Trusts or endowment funds
  • Capital improvements
  • Debt reduction, penalties, or litigation costs
  • Benefits or fundraising activities
  • Parties and/or receptions


First-time applicant organizations should contact Culture Works to review eligibility requirements before beginning the application process.