Artist Opportunity Grant – Work Sample Guidelines

The work sample is essential to your application and plays a critical role in helping panelists to evaluate the artistic merit of your work and gain a better understanding of the proposed project. You will be asked to provide digital samples of your work by either attaching them directly to your application or by providing links to your website, blog, YouTube/Vimeo channel, or online gallery.


Work Samples as Attachments:

When uploading work samples to the application, files must be in one of the following formats:  
– .xlsx (Excel)
– .docx (Word)
– .pdf (Adobe)
– .jpg (image)
To provide work samples in other formats, such as video and audio recordings, you will need to use links (see below).
Note: You can only upload a total of 10MB worth of attachments to your application. For this reason, if your work sample is a large file, you might consider using the link option (described below) to save space.


Work Samples as Links:

There is a place in the application for you to provide a URL for your personal website, blog, YouTube/Vimeo channel, online gallery, etc. You may include additional URLs in the narrative sections of your application, but please note that these links will not be active (panelists will have to copy/paste the address into a browser). 
If you don’t have a personal website, a link to a public Google Drive or other shared folder is acceptable. In consideration of the review panel, please only provide links or share files that do not require the creation of user accounts.


Types of Work Samples:

Images: Individual images must be uploaded to your application in .jpg format. To include multiple images, you may either save them as a single .pdf or provide a link to an online gallery. You are highly encouraged to include some “detail” images that are close-ups of one of the other images.


Video/Audio: One audio or video sample may be provided and should be no more than 6 minutes in length. If your submission is longer than 6 minutes, please indicate your desired starting point for panelist viewing/listening. 
The online application system does not allow you to upload video or audio files directly to your application. However, you may provide these types of work samples as links. YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud are common websites to use for these types of submissions. You may also link to a public shared drive or folder, but remember not to link to any site that will require panelists to create a user account.


Manuscripts/Publications: You may submit up to a maximum of 10 pages of material (8.5” x 11” single sided, single spaced, or 20 pages double spaced). Submit the work as either a Word document or .pdf. You may submit something longer, but you must indicate the starting reading point. Links to online blogs, stories, and publications may be submitted in the URL section or somewhere in your narrative responses. If you’d like to direct the panelists to more than one online location, please upload a Word document or .pdf file listing executable links to material equivalent to the 10 page maximum described above.